Gone Fishing

Today I had another wonderful encounter with the blue heron that lives near my house, and this time I did have my camera, so I got some shots I’m rather happy with. I… Continue reading

Busy Bee

This fuzzy little guy was working very hard and collecting lots of pollen this morning!

Homeless Drawings

I’m in the middle of a move and came across a collage I drew for someone, but they didn’t want to keep it, so I’m cutting it up and I guess I’ll just… Continue reading

Tuckered Out

Sunbathing is exhausting… look at that little fang!

Promising Developments

I’ve been wanting to grow an avocado tree for a while now, the seeds I’m watering seem to be late bloomers, however, they’re finally starting to show promising developments! Patience is a virtue…

Sunny Evening

Mother nature’s reward for enduring a dreary day… awe inspiring!

Rainy Day

The flowers are drinking up and I’m bundling up!

Curly Coils

While out doing some gardening I came across some vines coiled around the cedars in my backyard. Although they pose a threat to the health of the cedars, I still think they’re so… Continue reading

Great Blue Heron

Not long ago I had a wonderful close encounter with a blue heron, unfortunately all I had was my phone to take pictures, but I was still able to take some great shots.… Continue reading

Bonny Blooms

Earlier this season I sought out forest flowers and backyard buds that offered wonderful sights and smells, these are my favoutites…