When at the Pond

A compilation of the wonderful things I see when at the pond.   Advertisements

Darling Little Ducks

Some shots of some wee little ducks under their mother’s careful watch…

American Bittern

I became a little obsessed with trying to get a good picture of this stealthy and elusive bird. He let me catch a few glimpses and even fewer good photographs of him – here’s… Continue reading


A closeup shot of a weathered log in Allumette Lake.

Pink Lake and the Eardley Escarpment

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Pink Lake; I forgot how many interesting features it has! From its deoxygenated waters to the deep abandoned mica mines, it certainly is a beautiful and captivating… Continue reading

Charcoal & Willow Sticks

A couple of sketches done with charcoal and willow sticks.


When out for a nature walk I came across an animal I had heard of but had never seen, and it turns out they live very close to me… fishers! A few years… Continue reading

In The Capital

This is what Canada Day looks like in the nation’s capital.

Oh, Canada

To celebrate Canada’s 145th birthday, I’m going to post one of my favourite pictures. It was taken last summer at Lake Louise, Alberta during my first and only trip (so far, that is) to the… Continue reading

Sing Me a Song

While his feathers may not be as flashy as other songbirds, this little guy sang quite a beautiful little song.