Rain Clouds

Some delightfully picturesque rain clouds on the horizon yesterday. Advertisements

Lovely and Versatile

I have been gracefully nominated by I.ARXIV for the One Lovely Blog Award and by Sandra and the Works for the Versatile Blogger Award! The rules regarding the acceptance of these awards seem very similar,… Continue reading

Hanging by a Thread

While this isn’t the best picture I’ve ever taken, I thought it was an interesting enough capture to post. When out for a walk, I came across this wee little leaf that found… Continue reading

Water Lilies

The recent streak of hot, dry weather is taking its toll on the plant life here. The ground is parched, the grass is dry and the leaves are wilting. While that indeed sounds… Continue reading


Some images from a camping trip in Stormhaven, along the northern tip of the Bruce Trail in Ontario. I want all credit paid to mother nature for the last picture, there wasn’t a… Continue reading

Northern Nest

Pretty speckled eggs in a Northwest Territories nest.

A Rare Sight

When I find myself surrounded by the treasures of the natural world, I go into “macro mode” and think small. When I look at a field, I don’t just see the field as… Continue reading

Coloured Pencil

Some more installments from my sketchbook.

Great Northern Loon

Some photos of Northern Loons in Northern Canada – how fitting. I caught pictures of these guys swimming, diving, stretching, even brawling! The quarreling loons were paddling along the water so fast with their wings… Continue reading

Heron Yoga

Some early morning yoga… heron style! Yawn… maybe a little too early.