Powder + snowshoes + camera = a wonderfully picturesque day. Advertisements

And Then The Ice Stayed

The world is so drastically transformed by temperature. Imagine how different these pictures would be if it weren’t for the cold, shimmering layer of ice…

And Then The Ice Came

The result of snow, rain and a drop in temperature…

Fresh and Frigid

And slushy. The documentation of the most recent snowfall that blanketed my world.

Happy Halloween

The ghoulish gourd carved by yours truly.

Wonders on Wolf Trail

Some of the beautiful colours, textures and patterns that can be found along the Wolf Trail in Gatineau.

The Topographical Tree

Donning cracks and colours produced by the exposure to the elements and the passing of time, this tree has taken on the characteristics of a map, don’t you think? Let’s explore!

Life Cycle of a Forest

The end of one thing, the beginning of another. The fall of this amazing tree allowed for the growth of this plushy moss and these stout little mushrooms… and life goes on!

Study of a Leaf

This post is about a leaf. A leaf that plucked itself from its summer hold to dance directly in front of my path on the cool autumn air, as if to say “Hey, look… Continue reading

Ah, Fall

Colourful, crisp, calm … to me, fall is the best season.