A Rare Sight

When I find myself surrounded by the treasures of the natural world, I go into “macro mode” and think small. When I look at a field, I don’t just see the field as a whole, I see the movement and texture of every wheat stalk. When I look at a tree, I see the pattern of the bark and the character of each individual leaf. Sometimes, however, macro mode can cause me to miss other wonders. When at the pond yesterday, my attention was fixed on an adorable little woodpecker. My eyes followed him as he clawed his way up and down a tree, looking for a tasty treat underneath the bark. As I stood there facing the tree, head in the air with my back to the water, a man biked past and excitedly told me to turn around; and as I did so I saw something I never saw before at this unassuming little pond – a deer! Or, I guess if you want to get technical, it was a doe. Either way, it was very exciting and I took plenty of pictures. Here’s what I saw!