Little Dot

That little dot standing between those two pillars of rock on the rim of this Icelandic crater … that’s me!

A Man and His Dog

Charles Buls, a man who¬†sported a legendary moustache and dearly loved his dog.  


A destination recommended to all … Can’t wait to go back!

Topping Out in the Twilight

A night out with some friends. Ah yes, outside definitely moves me.

A Streak of Colour

A wonderful streak of colour budding this past spring.

Watch Your Step

Watch your step! This slow and steady traveler is easy to miss on the forest floor.


Can you really call it “trudging” when you love every second of it?

Indestructible Igloo

Building an igloo in freezing rain is hard work … a warm thermos full of hot chocolate helps! Thank you for stopping by!

I’m A Wanderer

It has been a long time since my last post. Too long! Here are some pictures from my wanderings in and around beautiful Vancouver, B.C.


Fun times with fun people.